Book – Rethinking Digital

Rethinking Digital Photography

Rethinking Digital Photography

Rethinking Digital Photography is not your average digital photography book!

Instead, this book shows you ways to play with your camera and your photography in order to create unique images. The book is meant to inspire creative thinking and promote the concept of exploration and play. While the book is written primarily around digital cameras, lenses and techniques, nearly every concept will work for analog cameras as well.

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This inspirational book is filled with great examples of unique and playful creative imagery covering many great techniques such as HDR photography, alternative lenses, digital zone plate photography, 360˚panorama imaging, camera and lens hacks, homemade tilt-shift lenses, TTV cameras, digital pinhole, digital painting, homemade photographic macro and fisheye lenses, stereo imaging, alternative software and a multitude of other great ways to produce fun, creatively satisfying and unique photographic images. Never too technical, full of great examples and galleries, easy to read and to understand.

Back Cover

Back Cover

Rethinking Digital Photography is meant to appeal to all levels of photographer, from beginners to advanced professionals.


“You don’t know me, but I recently read Rethinking Digital Photography and really appreciated it. As a result of your book, I’m now using my old Pentax lens on my Canon camera, and I’ve been taking zone plate photos. Thanks!” – Don Peters – Phoenix, Arizona  

“The pages are beautiful, so well designed: large enough type, simple, clear instructions which make the information and techniques non-threatening and the images DO inspire. The HDR is something I hadn’t worked with but I will now. I am a film shooter but I see that Neel’s ideas can still translate to my medium and are great for my teaching. Thanks for a really useful hands-on book for photogs and photo teachers alike!” – Liese R. Chicago, Il. USA

“This is without doubt the most inspiring book on photographic image making that I have ever come across. Simply spectacular!” – Barrie Smith – Book Review

“As you can see these chapter areas could be considered pretty advanced but don’t be deterred the book doesn’t get technical it rather gives simple to understand overviews of these topic areas which you can then pick and choose for further study. …The page size is nice and large exploiting the sample shots and so is the colloquial text making it easily digestible. …the concepts being communicated clearly making the book suitable for all ages and for all skill levels…Rethinking Digital Photography … was made to inspire creatives to search for different techniques and media to express our age old visual requirements.” visual requirements.” – Martin Gibson – Book Review

“Overall, I really enjoyed this book and the unconventional, think outside of the box mentality the author has. I was most drawn to the DIY lens ideas he had. Some I had heard of, a few I hadn’t – but regardless it really pushed the boundaries of my thinking when approaching my subjects and the tools I use to create a unique image. His thoughts made for great stepping stones to launch and further my own creative photography endeavors.

The software parts of the book weren’t particularly helpful to me, but that’s just me. I could see those parts being very beneficial to others. The book has enough content to please just about anyone, and I’d highly recommend it as an addition to your library.” – Christy H. – USA

“This is just a wonderful book. Full of all sorts of innovative and original photographic techniques to explore. It functions in about equal measure as both a detailed manual and an inspirational guide. So, there are shooting techniques described, which involve actually physically modifying your camera or cameras and expert instructions (and appropriate warnings!) are provided in most of these cases. Plus, tutorial material is provided in other chapters on post processing explorations… And interconnections are forged also: some of the images which are postworked come directly from the adapted and “foreign lens to body combination” cameras. Well done.…” – John S.- Colorado Springs, Co. USA 

“It’s a tremendous book, John. I so appreciate your talent, intellect, and persistence.” – Carole G. Colorado – USA

“Yes It’s excellent! I’m not the handy sort so I won’t be assembling my own cameras, but much useful info in it.”  Laurie P. – New York – USA
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Rethinking Digital Photography is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble in the USA, Chapters/Indigo in Canada and other fine book stores in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and countries worldwide.

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