Great Photography Gift Idea for the Holiday

by John Neel

Rethinking Digital Photography - John Neel

Rethinking Digital Photography – John Neel


If you are looking for a great gift for anyone on your holiday list with an interest in photography, this book just might be the thing to give.

Great for both traditional users as well as digital image-makers.

“Rethinking Digital Photography – Making & using Traditional & Contemporary Photo Tools” – John Neel

This inspirational book is filled with great examples of unique and playful creative imagery covering many great techniques such as HDR photography, alternative lenses, digital zone plate photography, 360˚panorama imaging, camera and lens hacks, homemade tilt-shift lenses, TTV cameras, digital pinhole, digital painting, homemade photographic macro and fisheye lenses, stereo imaging, alternative software and a multitude of other great ways to produce fun, creatively satisfying and unique photographic images.

Never too technical, full of great examples and galleries, easy to read and to understand. Rethinking Digital Photography is meant to appeal to all levels of photographer, from beginners to advanced professionals. Please read what others have said: Book and My Book – Your Photography

Rethinking Digital Photography is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, in the USA, Chapters/Indigo in Canada and other fine book stores in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and countries worldwide.

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