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Garden Gate -  © John Neel

Cliché and Stereotype in Photography

We are all guilty of shooting cliché imagery. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. The cliché seems to have been ingrained into our DNA.

"Nathan Lyons: Selected Essays,Lectures,and Interviews"
Camera Obscura Illustration - © John Neel
The Camera Store - © John Neel

The Camera Store – You might have called it the Camera Shop

    Believe it or not, there used to be in almost every town, small shops that specialized in selling cameras. Once, not so long ago, the camera store was…

Frame - © John Neel

Look and Think Before You Shoot – A Few Photo Quotes

Here are a few quotes by some of the greatest image-maker’s and an essayist, as well as a few images, which I think help to illustrate what is stated.

Easel - © John Neel

August 2013 – Gallery 1

These are a sampling of my personal images.

Hoodie - © John Neel

Discover Your Subjects Close to Home

      The act of seeing can happen anywhere. Many people dream of going to a far away place to find the exotic as subject for their work. However,…

Winter Bridge - © John Neel

3D Cross-view Stereo – Seeing in the Third Dimension

Cross-view stereo is one of several methods used for viewing stereo images. When viewing with this method, it does not require glasses to see the effect.

Fire Truck - © John Neel

Junkyard – HDR … A Gallery of Pretty/Ugly

To a certain degree, the junkyard shows us where we have been, our struggle for permanence and our fate.

Easel - © John Neel