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Crazy Resolution – Fotodiox RhinoCam = Resolution for the Masses

    The RhinoCam When it comes to pixels, if you want to make big images, the more you have the better. As discussed in a few previous posts (see links below),…

© Edward Burtynsky


WATERMARK… Directed by Jennifer Baichwal & Edward Burtynsky…WATERMARK is a feature documentary film that brings together diverse stories from around the globe about our relationship with water…

Argus C3 - © John Neel

The Argus C3 – “The Brick”

Better known as “The Brick” because of their resemblance in shape, size, and weight, they were one of the bestselling cameras ever produced and sold in the United States.

Trailer - © John Neel
Frame - © John Neel

Beyond the Frame – Seeing Is Believing

The framing of an image is a border of sorts. To a degree, it defines what the photographer wants you to experience. But the frame also has an implied extension that goes beyond what is visible.

Heart attack, male 50 years old - © Sarah Sudhoff

Sarah Sudhoff – At the Hour of Our Death

  I don’t know Sarah Sudhoff, but I understand her work. In that sense, I know something about her. I also believe I understand life a bit more than before…

Orb - © John Neel

Personal Perspective – Finding Your Self-Expression

The inspiration handed to you in a gallery or a book or on the Internet should be one that elevates you as an artist. It should pull you to wanting to make your work as powerful as what you are looking at. It is not about hype or being cool or making stuff up. It is about revealing truths.

Picture 2
Dog _ © John Neel

Shoot from the HIP – Photographically Speaking

The method actually requires a lot of skill and a bit of luck! More importantly, it requires that you become well acquainted with your camera and your subjects.

In my back yard - © John Neel