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© John Neel

Photography as Past – Present – Future

Photography…TIME and SPACE …Our lives benefit from constant redirection. It is how we move forward… Many seem to only live in the past. It is how we view the present moment that helps us understand where to go next. John Neel

Live Bait – © John Neel

Landscape is About Indifference

The landscape … For many of us, it has become a witnessing of a world that has been transformed by ravenousness consumption caused by……

Dream - © John Neel

Happy New Year! 2014

“Let’s hope 2014 will be more intelligent, rational, less materialistic, more people friendly. Let’s hope for a greener environment, with less oil, more humanity, more tolerance of others, good health for all and …”

Burbs - © John Neel

It’s Spaceship Earth and We Are Out of Control.

Every one of us… can pretend that the world is OK. What needs to be done needs to be done in a drastic way. We need to stop, look around and rethink who and what we are. We need to rethink how and what we consume.…

Trailer - © John Neel
Paradise  -  © John Neel
© Sebastião Salgado

Inspiration: Sebastião Salgado: Genesis + TED

Sebastião Salgado is a great photographer whose work is dedicated to the environment and the human condition. He is also a great environmentalist. His work is currently on view in a major exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario Canada in conjunction with the CONTACT Photography Festival.