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Live Bait – © John Neel

Landscape is About Indifference

The landscape … For many of us, it has become a witnessing of a world that has been transformed by ravenousness consumption caused by……

Paradise  -  © John Neel

Photographic Responsibility

Money and ignorance are killing everything we love and everything we need to survive. In terms of how well the earth is taking our abuse, we have been nearing a point of no return for some time already. Man has treated the earth with disrespect – totally ignoring the environment that we need to live, for way too long. We must…Photography

Tree - © John Neel
Picnic Table - © John Neel
Paradise  -  © John Neel
Water Bottles - © John Neel
Burbs - © John Neel

It’s Spaceship Earth and We Are Out of Control.

Every one of us… can pretend that the world is OK. What needs to be done needs to be done in a drastic way. We need to stop, look around and rethink who and what we are. We need to rethink how and what we consume.…

Dead Frog - © John Neel

Inspiration – Our Disregard for Life

I search across the web for images, art, video and articles which might offer inspiration. Inspiration for me, comes from seeing something which needs attention. It helps me to see…

Paradise  -  © John Neel