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Bush - © John Neel   Zone-Sieve
Stereo Pinhole Camera
WPPD 2016 Poster

The Next Pinhole Day Is Only A Few Weeks Away

Between now and April 24th, I’ll be getting ready to make and use a pinhole camera. I’ll also be posing a few posts about pinhole and pinhole related photography.


The next pinhole day is April 26, 2015 – Will you be ready?

Between now and April 26th, I’ll be talking about pinhole cameras, pinholes, zone plates, and many other topics around pinhole photography.……Each year of the event I create a poster that you can download and post so that others can know about the event.

120 film rolls
Escalator - © John Neel
Film advance assembly
Bush - © John Neel   Zone-Sieve