Please Read – Disclosure Statement

This blog exists as a platform for discussing photography based on my personal perspective. The ideas, opinions, and means of implementation are here to help the reader with their own photographic image making. They are the ideas and opinions learned from years of being a real world photographer and my years of experience as a teacher and image-maker. In many cases, they are meant to show new technology and explore new techniques.

As a blogger who writes about photographic techniques and equipment, it is my responsibility to disclose the nature of my relationship with the companies who manufacture the equipment and products I may discuss in my posts. I do not make any allegiance to any company, manufacturer, marketing firm or their authority for selling or promoting their products. I only promote those products that meet my personal criteria for making photographs. I also look for value and consider cost as a part of that evaluation. In many instances, the products shown are examples of similarly produced items manufactured by other companies. I do not endorse any product or software that does not meet my own standards or interests. If something is not up to a standard that I would use myself, I will make every attempt to say so in the article. Products that I do not like will likely be returned to the manufacturer without posting. The products I discuss are generally requested based on my personal interest in the item, possible interest to my readers and the products capability for producing interesting photographs. My intent is to use the products as a way to discover their value as a photographic tool and report that value to the reader.

My reviews are based on real world use. For the most part, I do not do technical reviews. Rather, I use the product to create images that demonstrate its capabilities. I discuss the technique and provide details of the process that hopefully show how the product is utilized. I attempt to let the images speak for themselves. Wherever the technology seems relevant to the outcome, I will attempt to point that out to the reader. For the most part, I leave the technical jargon to other reviewers who tend to talk specifically about camera details. I am more interested in the actual image results than I am in the design of any equipment. However, I intend to give candid and unbiased evaluations wherever there is a need to do so.

Many of the products discussed are personally owned as my chosen equipment. In most cases, a manufacturer will send me a product, which I have personally requested for review purposes. Some of these products are used for the production of images for this website as well as for my books. Many of the products are considered samples, which I keep. Others are short-term review copies, which are returned to the provider after writing the posts.

From time to time, I receive compensation for articles I write for manufacturers for use on their websites and/or newsletters. Usually, those articles are requested by manufacturers for use in their promotional materials. When appropriate, I link to those articles from this website. The articles are not normally specific to the products used, but rather to the techniques in which the products are used. It may happen that the products shown are products produced by a particular manufacturer.

The endorsement of any product on this website is based on my own point of view regardless of compensation that might occur from any provider. I make every effort to give an honest and fair assessment of everything I discuss from the perspective of a photographer who uses the equipment, software or products mentioned in the postings.

It is my intent that the reader is free to make decisions based on his/her own mind as to the value of the ideas expressed within this blog. The articles where products are shown or mentioned are meant to provide information, which I deem valuable for my own work as an image-maker. How the reader utilizes them in their own work should be based entirely on his/her own conclusions.