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IR from Lytro - © John Neel

Lytro Infrared – Another Plus for Light Field – Cool!

  Back in the winter, I had been thinking it would be pretty cool if the Lytro camera could produce Infrared images that re-focused, or do any of the other…

Couple - © John Neel

A Photographic Secret – the Commodity of Time

The choice of subject and its impact on our lives plays a critical role in determining the value of our time spent making images.


A Gallery of Wacky and Fun Lytro Creations

      I’ve been playing quite a bit with the Lytro. Probably, because I can see its future, but also because it is fun to play with. Please Read –…

Trailer - © John Neel

The Art of Seeing – IMHO – An ongoing dialogue

The art of seeing allows us to find something in any environment. The right place can be anywhere. However, the timing and framing of what you experience is critical. The…

© Sebastião Salgado

Inspiration: Sebastião Salgado: Genesis + TED

Sebastião Salgado is a great photographer whose work is dedicated to the environment and the human condition. He is also a great environmentalist. His work is currently on view in a major exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario Canada in conjunction with the CONTACT Photography Festival.

Bug - © John Neel

Fine Focus With Your Head

A simple technique that works with DSLR cameras. It can also work with others.   Achieving fine focus can be a problem when hand holding a camera with close up subjects…

Erie Canal - © John Neel
Homeless - © John Neel

Photo Positive – Shooting for Change

Photo Positive – Shooting for Change It is very likely that my fine art colleagues know the meanings of concerned photography. Most of them practice it in one form or another. However,…

Woods - © John Neel

HDR is simply another tool

…HDR produces images, which seem closer to the way the eye sees the world. That is only true however, when the image is processed with some careful attention to maintaining natural appearances. It is way too easy to push the process into the ugly world of kitsch and gaudiness.

Mike – © John Neel

Fisheye Fun – Rokinon 8mm and the Sony NEX 6

I am always much more interested in the way the final image looks than I am in the look and feel of a lens. The optics on this lens can produce some amazing results. Much better in my estimation than other fisheye lenses selling for much more money.