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Target - © John Neel

Love our Enemies or Die

“……the presence of nuclear weapons in the world serves notice that the command to love one another is an absolute practical necessity………” — Wendell Berry

Vivarium Window – © John Neel

We Screwed the Pooch

I used to like the old world of pastoral views, of waterfalls, forests and beauty. But that world is gone. It really doesn’t exist. We “screwed the pooch” as they say here in the real world.

Homeless - © John Neel
Dress in Window - © John Neel
Orb - © John Neel

Personal Perspective – Finding Your Self-Expression

The inspiration handed to you in a gallery or a book or on the Internet should be one that elevates you as an artist. It should pull you to wanting to make your work as powerful as what you are looking at. It is not about hype or being cool or making stuff up. It is about revealing truths.

Coin Laundry - © John Neel

Inspiration – “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.…”

Photographic and creative inspiration can come from many sources. Books, music and philosophy are great places to begin.

Couple - © John Neel

A Photographic Secret – the Commodity of Time

The choice of subject and its impact on our lives plays a critical role in determining the value of our time spent making images.


Photo Worthy Life Quotes – The Photo Life

Photographic Inspiration can come from looking at and listening to other creative minds. “Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. It takes time. We haven’t time, and to…