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Stereo Pinhole Camera

Do you wanna see some Wild and Crazy Wiggle 3D?

  Wiggle 3D is a method for viewing stereo 3D images without glasses. Basically, this is a two frame animation of the right and left eye images. When you view the…

stems - Lytro 3D -  John Neel
Rethinking Digital Photography - John Neel

Great Photography Gift Idea for the Holiday

If you are looking for a great gift for anyone on your holiday list with an interest in photography, this book just might be the thing.
………Great for both traditional camera users as well as digital photographers.

Car Cover - © John Neel

The Right Subjects for Stereo 3D Photography

I believe that the best stereo images are those that play with the structure of the subject. Think of your subject as a piece of sculpture.

Stereo Card - © John Neel

Shooting Stereo 3D Images with a Single Camera

To take the two pictures, it is important to have the camera at the same height and in a parallel position to the first shot rather than angled toward the subject.

Winter Bridge - © John Neel

3D Cross-view Stereo – Seeing in the Third Dimension

Cross-view stereo is one of several methods used for viewing stereo images. When viewing with this method, it does not require glasses to see the effect.

Ball - © John Neel

The World Has No FOCAL POINT – It simply exists.

  Photography as we are accustomed, does not represent the full factuality of the real world. This is in part due to optical restrictions of both the lens of a…

Pulfrich Glasses showing a dark lens frame and an empty frame.

Experience 3D stereo using the Pulfrich Effect

  Pulfrich Glasses showing a dark lens frame and an empty frame. Most people do not know this, but there is a simple way to make most any moving image…


The Amazing Beauty of the Color Anaglyph

Anaglyphs are a cool way to look at the world. There was a time, when an anaglyph image was produced with two different black and white images. One was printed…