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Tree - © John Neel - digitally painted HDR Pinhole

Skink Pinhole Pancake – HDR, Stitched and Digitally Painted

Pinhole photography is much more than what it seems. Most pinholers only use the most obvious techniques. …the pinhole image is a starting point for many potential outcomes.

Pitts Tree - © John Neel

Painterly Textures Using the Amazing ArtMatic

When linked to the rest of their suite, there is no end to the possibilities for photography, video, design, sound creation and music.

Petals - © John Neel

Pushing the Pinhole Image

Personally, I find that simply toning the image makes it seem more interesting. However, I usually don’t stop there. I like to enhance the images using the incredible tools available to me through…Read more…

Mandala - © John Neel


  Mandala – A geometric figure representing the universe in Hinduism and Buddhist symbolism.   As a kid, I used to love to see the world as reflected through a toy kaleidoscope. In…

Coin Laundry - © John Neel

Inspiration – “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.…”

Photographic and creative inspiration can come from many sources. Books, music and philosophy are great places to begin.

Cloud - © John Neel

Make Your Marks with Studio Artist

  Add some brushes to that digital photo! And maybe a bit of animation too! Digital imaging has come a long way in recent times and everyone is looking for…

Camera Obscura Illustration - © John Neel

A Gallery of Wacky and Fun Lytro Creations

      I’ve been playing quite a bit with the Lytro. Probably, because I can see its future, but also because it is fun to play with. Please Read –…


Wild and Crazy Pinhole Paintings

One of my favorite things to do with a pinhole photograph is to finish the image in a digital paint application. Because of their lack of hard details, pinhole produced…


Going Crazy Wild With My Lytro…

    … Flaming Pear, PSD and Studio Artist and more Over the past few months, I’ve been spending time trying to become more proficient with Studio Artist while playing…