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Modern Living - © John Neel

Walking Away from a Gallery Inspired

While it is a great thing to have access to the abundance of imagery that exists on the internet, the actual experience of any piece of art is minimal at best.

Docent - © John Neel
Voigtlander Baby Bessa w/ Skopar

Collecting Old Folding Cameras – A few from my collection

  There was a time not too long ago when folding cameras were King.     Many folders built around the 1930’s to the 1950’s were small, with beautiful lenses…

© John Neel
Orb - © John Neel

Personal Perspective – Finding Your Self-Expression

The inspiration handed to you in a gallery or a book or on the Internet should be one that elevates you as an artist. It should pull you to wanting to make your work as powerful as what you are looking at. It is not about hype or being cool or making stuff up. It is about revealing truths.

The Frame - © John Neel

Size Matters – Looking at Art and Photography

The computer tends to bring everything down to the same level. A painting by Monet, a photograph by Atget or Adams, ads for a camera, a car or an iPod all get the same treatment. There is no real scale, no real texture, little fidelity and no authenticity.

Easel - © John Neel

August 2013 – Gallery 1

These are a sampling of my personal images.

© Sebastião Salgado

Inspiration: Sebastião Salgado: Genesis + TED

Sebastião Salgado is a great photographer whose work is dedicated to the environment and the human condition. He is also a great environmentalist. His work is currently on view in a major exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario Canada in conjunction with the CONTACT Photography Festival.