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Willie – © John Neel 2016
Buick – © John Neel

Skew Your Horizon – #%@$ the Rules

It can become a bit boring to always see bridled conformity to most “camera club” standards. Breaking away from closed-minded rules will free you photographically.

Street Portrait - © John Neel

Luck is a photographic term

While much of the practice of photography relies on the capabilities of the photographer, it also relies on serendipity and ones knowledge of the subject.

Garden Gate -  © John Neel

Cliché and Stereotype in Photography

We are all guilty of shooting cliché imagery. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. The cliché seems to have been ingrained into our DNA.

Easel - © John Neel

Inspiration – Diane Arbus

  “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.” Diane Arbus     NOTICE of Copyright: THIS POSTING AS WELL AS ALL PHOTOGRAPHS, GALLERY IMAGES, AND…