My latest book from Ilex Press: Focus In Photography

by John Neel

My latest book from Ilex Press

Focus In Photography

Released – UK October 04 and USA Novemebr 01

Focus In Photography - John Neel

Focus In Photography – John Neel


“Focus is an important artistic tool, directing your viewers into and around your image, but a technical challenge too. In this book, the first serious treatent of the topic in the digital age, John Neel shows how a mastery of your lens will greatly enhance the quality and ‘wow’ factor of your photographs.

Never losing sight of what real-life photographers need to know, Focus in Photography will let you master bokeh and other focus techniques, giving you a complete understanding of optics-and what actually happens to light within the camera in your hand. Richly illustrated with John’s own amazing images, and drawing on his well-known authority in the field, it will be a valuable asset to students of photography, enthusiasts looking to refine their art, product photographers and commercial shooters alike.” – Ilex Press

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Reviews –

“If John Neel‘s Focus in Photography sounds like it might be a little more philosophical than nuts and bolts tutorialish, that may be because Neel has given a lot of thought to the subject.

He’s also spent a lot of time exploring the many facets of focusing an image so you get the nuts and bolts along with the philosophy behind them, too.

That makes this one of the more surprisingly delightful photography reads we’ve enjoyed recently.

We like Neel’s consideration of the larger issues (why you might shoot a panorama and the different kinds of panorama you might shoot, for example) as well as the technical details (down to software recommendations) of subjects like focus stacking.

It isn’t easy to marry those two discussions but Neel manages to do it very smoothly. He provides a general understanding of the concepts before he shows you how to use the gear to apply them in practice. You actually have the feeling of having learned something.” – Mike Pasini – Photo Corners

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