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Mushroom - © John neel

My Book – Photo Fun – A Great Gift

  Here are a few clips from my book –  Rethinking Digital Photography     HDR “In photography, capturing details in low light areas of the image scene (the shadows) as…

Rubber-band focus and zoom restraints - © John Neel

Putting the Brakes on Focus and Zoom

Insuring that the lens is secure from slipping will also insure a perfect alignment when processing the files in software. Any deviation from the focus or the zoom will effect the outcome of the final image/images. Read more…


3 Minutes…Click! Flip….Drive….Stop…Shoot!…Repeat

I used to make a pact with myself that I would take at least one photograph before getting back into the car. The main reason that this simple idea works…

Screws - © John Neel