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Black Paint - © John Neel
Snapshot - © John Neel

What Happened to the Snapshot?

For the most part, the images people made were kept in albums and shoeboxes. The images were private, shown at family gatherings and sometimes shared with very close friends.

Modern Living - © John Neel

$$$$ Dollars and Sense

Photography is a democratic tool. Anyone can practice and nearly anyone can develop the skills.

Traffic - © John Neel

Sound, Silence and Seeing

Photography may be a way to turn ourselves around. It can play an important part in communicating what we have lost, what we are losing, and why we need to consider what we might do next. There are those photographers who see the world…

Orb - © John Neel

Personal Perspective – Finding Your Self-Expression

The inspiration handed to you in a gallery or a book or on the Internet should be one that elevates you as an artist. It should pull you to wanting to make your work as powerful as what you are looking at. It is not about hype or being cool or making stuff up. It is about revealing truths.

Dog _ © John Neel

Shoot from the HIP – Photographically Speaking

The method actually requires a lot of skill and a bit of luck! More importantly, it requires that you become well acquainted with your camera and your subjects.

In my back yard - © John Neel
Glass - © John Neel

“Art Says” – “Art Does” – “Art Is”

For the following text, you might try substituting the words Artist, Painter, Writer, Actor with Photographer…

Coin Laundry - © John Neel

Inspiration – “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.…”

Photographic and creative inspiration can come from many sources. Books, music and philosophy are great places to begin.

Street Musicians - © John Neel

To Be… or…Not To Be…like everyone else?

In order to have your work stand out from the rest you need to have something to say, as well as the ability to see. Technique without vision is of little use to anyone.