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Bobby © John Neel

Film or Digital – Something crazy to think about!

“There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you…

Car - © John Neel


  The NOW is important! I believe that mindfulness is the key to all things spiritual. It is an awakening to the spirit of being and revelation. Mindfulness is the…


1941 Redo Using HDR

            Remaking the past This past fall, I went to see a major air show which happens every year close to where I live in Upstate…

Chuck Close from Video - Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress || Trailer -

Size Matters

  The deeper experience of an image I started writing this as a response to a reader on another post, but thought that other readers might find it interesting. There…

Yellow-Jacket - © John Neel

Macro Stacking – Face-to-Face With A Micro Beast

Slicing your way through the details Shooting small subjects with a microscope objective allows for some amazing imaging opportunities. The micro world that exists all around us is full of…

Street Musicians - © John Neel

To Be… or…Not To Be…like everyone else?

In order to have your work stand out from the rest you need to have something to say, as well as the ability to see. Technique without vision is of little use to anyone.

Cracked – © John Neel

When Gimmicks Kill

Gimmickry is like a mask. It conceals what is underneath. In some cases, the addition of an effect can work to emphasize an idea. In most, it will probably ruin…

Used - © John Neel

Edward Abbey – Speaks

Edward Abbey – A landscape photographer’s best friend. I would say one of the best friends of our Planet. “The worse the environment gets, the more popular environmentalism becomes.” –…


Train Car in HDR – Part 2 Detail

  Rust and Graffiti…with a RhinoCam…and a Sony NEX Continued from Part 1 As previously stated, working with a RhinoCam  is a lot like using a large format camera. You need…


Train Car in HDR – Part 1

Rust and Graffiti…with a RhinoCam…and a Sony NEX Working with a RhinoCam is a lot like using a large format camera. Like the large format camera, you need to think…