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Bush - © John Neel   Zone-Sieve
An Illustration of a magnified Pinhole Aperture - John Neel

Pinhole Photography – How to measure the diameter of a DIY pinhole aperture

Knowing the working aperture allows you to calculate the best shutter speed for exposing under different lighting conditions.……In this post, I will show you a great way to measure the actual pinhole.

Teepee - © John Neel  Pinhole

Only months away – April 27, 2014 is WPPD

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is a single day in April where everyone on the planet is invited to make pinhole photographs. Planning for it and building cameras helps me get through the winter months.

© John Neel

Zone Sieve Pinhole Dupes

The whole lot of holes thing When I first received my package of pinhole plates from Skink, the first thing I did was mount them to my DSLR and shoot…