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Snake - © John Neel

Making Photographs From What We Know

Photography is a relatively new art form. It has only been around for a bit over a century and a half. In the scheme of almost every other form of the arts, that is a very small amount of time. In many ways, photography owes itself to all the arts that came before it.

Big Snake - © John neel

Hype…Hype…Super Hype

Somewhere along the line, the world seems to have succumbed to the need for exaggeration in everything we do. ………Photography opens the door for seeing the world as it really exists. It allows us to realize the good as well as the bad.

Garden Gate -  © John Neel

Accepting the good, the bad and the ugly in Photography

It seems that the photographic world is pretty much divided between those who see the world as they want to see it (fantasy) and those who attempt to see the truth (reality).

Paradise and Philosophers - © John Neel

Reality Check – Once Nature is Gone -A Photographer’s Perspective

Whether toxic waste, nuclear power, or oil there are ignorant and uncaring offenders at every level. Each accidental or deliberate act at any scale reduces the Earth’s ability to sustain life. A photographer’s perspective.

Priest - © John Neel
Trash - © John Neel

It’s a fool’s paradise. Finding true nature is getting tough.

A photograph can purposely leave things out. Depending on the intent, photographs only shows us what the maker wants us to see. They are purposefully selective. We want to believe that the scenes are full circle, similar to what is outside the frame, factual and as environmentally pristine as they seem magnificent.

Traffic - © John Neel

Sound, Silence and Seeing – A conscientious consideration of photography

The modern world moves at a variety of frequencies, which blend together into what might be called.… Everywhere, there are the artifacts of human technology and so-called advancement. The old and the new get layered into a maze of wires, signs, buildings, concrete, roadways…Photography is…

Water Bottles - © John Neel
Tablet - © John Neel

Are We in the Golden Age of Photography?

  Recently on Facebook, the question was asked – Are we in the Golden Age of photography? Here is my two cents on that. It seems that everyone is a…