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The ground-glass view – John Neel


Yes. Even as you view the upright image on your iPhone or iPad, you are actually looking at an image that has been corrected to show you the scene with the correct orientation.

Shawl, Mt. Ida, Troy NY, May 2012 - © Michael Bach

My Photography Friends – Michael Bach – The View at Mt. Ida

  Michael Bach is someone that I’ve only met on facebook. But his straight forward and matter of fact images help me to see him as a person with a…

Chair - © John Neel

Film is the other digital.

The scanner is a strange animal in any photographic arsenal. It is actually a camera. It just doesn’t seem to be because it doesn’t look like one. But if you take one apart, you will find that it has a lens and a sensor of sorts.

Deardorff - © John Neel

To Shoot Film Again – A passion that just won’t go away.

Digital photography allows many things that film can’t possibly do. It offers an amazing amount of flexibility and creative possibility. But it is not the same experience as film at all.