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Sky - © John Neel

Notes to Myself — For Photography and Living — John Neel

… if we just pause and look all around us we can find things in our everyday existence that are truly beautiful.


Seeing Normal – The prime / standard lens

These lenses sometimes called prime lenses or standard lenses, produce a view that resembles the way we believe we perceive our world through normal sight. Things in the foreground, middle ground and distance are displaced visually in proportion to…

Snapshot - © John Neel

What Happened to the Snapshot?

For the most part, the images people made were kept in albums and shoeboxes. The images were private, shown at family gatherings and sometimes shared with very close friends.

Shawl, Mt. Ida, Troy NY, May 2012 - © Michael Bach

My Photography Friends – Michael Bach – The View at Mt. Ida

  Michael Bach is someone that I’ve only met on facebook. But his straight forward and matter of fact images help me to see him as a person with a…

Traffic - © John Neel

Sound, Silence and Seeing

Photography may be a way to turn ourselves around. It can play an important part in communicating what we have lost, what we are losing, and why we need to consider what we might do next. There are those photographers who see the world…

Sign - © John Neel

Same Place – Different Day

…These places are not far off exotic locations, nor are they places that are landmark photogenic. Rather, I am talking about places close at hand, just down the road and in my own back yard.

Dog _ © John Neel

Shoot from the HIP – Photographically Speaking

The method actually requires a lot of skill and a bit of luck! More importantly, it requires that you become well acquainted with your camera and your subjects.

Stereo Card - © John Neel

Shooting Stereo 3D Images with a Single Camera

To take the two pictures, it is important to have the camera at the same height and in a parallel position to the first shot rather than angled toward the subject.

Garden Gate -  © John Neel

Cliché and Stereotype in Photography

We are all guilty of shooting cliché imagery. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. The cliché seems to have been ingrained into our DNA.

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