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Landscape - Pinhole - © John Neel

Only 2 Days to WPPD

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – is a day to celebrate the simple and magical imaging technique of pinhole photography.

Pinhole Shutter 2014
Matchbox -  John Neel

120 Matchbox Pinhole Project – Part 1

The only thing I knew at that point was that that a large size matchbox has the same height dimension as a roll of 120 film. I also realized that 120 film which does not have a cassette, would require a much more robust system to make it function in this setup.

Paper Lens Hood - © John Neel

Easy Paper Lens Hood / Sun Shade

  Photographic solutions can be mindlessly simple. Recently, I borrowed a beautiful 500 mm Mirror lens from a friend. For its type, the lens takes excellent images. However, there is…