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Water Bottles - © John Neel
Picture 7
Self - © John Neel

Envisioned Photographs – Making Rather than Taking

The concept is meant to make the viewer think about what is presented. It requires a degree of intellectual contemplation for understanding…Read more

Sky - © John Neel

Notes to Myself — For Photography and Living — John Neel

… if we just pause and look all around us we can find things in our everyday existence that are truly beautiful.


Shooting the Moon …and nothing but the moon

The moon moves pretty fast through the viewfinder. If you wait too long, you’ll have to reposition the camera to keep up with it. Assuming you are photographing a rising moon, you should anticipate the movement by setting the camera up with the moon at the…

Tablet - © John Neel

Are We in the Golden Age of Photography?

  Recently on Facebook, the question was asked – Are we in the Golden Age of photography? Here is my two cents on that. It seems that everyone is a…

Shawl, Mt. Ida, Troy NY, May 2012 - © Michael Bach

My Photography Friends – Michael Bach – The View at Mt. Ida

  Michael Bach is someone that I’ve only met on facebook. But his straight forward and matter of fact images help me to see him as a person with a…

Traffic - © John Neel

Sound, Silence and Seeing

Photography may be a way to turn ourselves around. It can play an important part in communicating what we have lost, what we are losing, and why we need to consider what we might do next. There are those photographers who see the world…

© Edward Burtynsky


WATERMARK… Directed by Jennifer Baichwal & Edward Burtynsky…WATERMARK is a feature documentary film that brings together diverse stories from around the globe about our relationship with water…

Orb - © John Neel

Personal Perspective – Finding Your Self-Expression

The inspiration handed to you in a gallery or a book or on the Internet should be one that elevates you as an artist. It should pull you to wanting to make your work as powerful as what you are looking at. It is not about hype or being cool or making stuff up. It is about revealing truths.