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Paradise - © John Neel

A Picture of the World is NOT the World – Reality V Illusion and Fantasy

“We must come to the realization that our ideal world has been drastically altered. Man, his machines and his simpleminded ambitions are constantly altering the makeup of the ecosystem. All while, corporate advertising renders a world free from disruption. They show us living the good life while gliding comfortably in a luxurious car inside the fantasy of our Disney Kingdoms. We have buried our heads in their pipe dreams.”

Chair - © John Neel

Film is the other digital.

The scanner is a strange animal in any photographic arsenal. It is actually a camera. It just doesn’t seem to be because it doesn’t look like one. But if you take one apart, you will find that it has a lens and a sensor of sorts.

Garden Gate -  © John Neel

Cliché and Stereotype in Photography

We are all guilty of shooting cliché imagery. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. The cliché seems to have been ingrained into our DNA.

Hoodie - © John Neel

Discover Your Subjects Close to Home

      The act of seeing can happen anywhere. Many people dream of going to a far away place to find the exotic as subject for their work. However,…

Winter Bridge - © John Neel

3D Cross-view Stereo – Seeing in the Third Dimension

Cross-view stereo is one of several methods used for viewing stereo images. When viewing with this method, it does not require glasses to see the effect.

Willow Trunk - © John Neel

A Matter of Perspective – Seeing what is there to see

It is easy to make images of the new, the exotic and the distant. Things that are close and familiar are much harder to see.

Kodak - Working prototype of the worlds first digital camera
Self - © John Neel

Breaking the Rules – Discovery

The skill of photography is not in adhering to the rules but rather finding favorable ways to break them that allow for new thought, new direction, and a new and meaningful utterance.

Dead Frog - © John Neel

Inspiration – Our Disregard for Life

I search across the web for images, art, video and articles which might offer inspiration. Inspiration for me, comes from seeing something which needs attention. It helps me to see…

Paradise  -  © John Neel