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Company X

Intellectual Property, Inc. – The IP Mindset – How ideas are stolen.

That ownership that companies seem to exploit, including the one mentioned above, has some very negative connotations that perhaps should be addressed.

Black Paint - © John Neel
Snapshot - © John Neel

What Happened to the Snapshot?

For the most part, the images people made were kept in albums and shoeboxes. The images were private, shown at family gatherings and sometimes shared with very close friends.

Screws - © John Neel
Argus C3 - © John Neel

The Argus C3 – “The Brick”

Better known as “The Brick” because of their resemblance in shape, size, and weight, they were one of the bestselling cameras ever produced and sold in the United States.

Picture 2
Plate XVL - © Karl Burke - NYT Lens
Chair - © John Neel

Film is the other digital.

The scanner is a strange animal in any photographic arsenal. It is actually a camera. It just doesn’t seem to be because it doesn’t look like one. But if you take one apart, you will find that it has a lens and a sensor of sorts.


’twas Hip to be Square

Professionals relied on the square to allow them to crop to the aspect best suited for layout in magazines and catalogs. It was an actual selling point for square format.

Deardorff - © John Neel

To Shoot Film Again – A passion that just won’t go away.

Digital photography allows many things that film can’t possibly do. It offers an amazing amount of flexibility and creative possibility. But it is not the same experience as film at all.