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Pinhole Shutter 2014
Image A - X marks the center of the front
Matchbox -  John Neel

120 Matchbox Pinhole Project – Part 1

The only thing I knew at that point was that that a large size matchbox has the same height dimension as a roll of 120 film. I also realized that 120 film which does not have a cassette, would require a much more robust system to make it function in this setup.

This is a poster that I created for the WPPD event.

2014 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – Promo Posters

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 27,2014 Here are the links to various sized WPPD posters.Here are the links to various sized WPPD posters. Please use these links to obtain downloadable posters that you can print and use to promote WPPD in your area.

© John Neel

Zone Sieve Pinhole Dupes

The whole lot of holes thing When I first received my package of pinhole plates from Skink, the first thing I did was mount them to my DSLR and shoot…