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In my back yard - © John Neel
Plate XVL - © Karl Burke - NYT Lens
Chair - © John Neel

Film is the other digital.

The scanner is a strange animal in any photographic arsenal. It is actually a camera. It just doesn’t seem to be because it doesn’t look like one. But if you take one apart, you will find that it has a lens and a sensor of sorts.

Trailer - © John Neel

The Art of Seeing – IMHO – An ongoing dialogue

The art of seeing allows us to find something in any environment. The right place can be anywhere. However, the timing and framing of what you experience is critical. The…

Salesman - © John Neel

Responding to HDR with restraint

  There seem to be many misconceptions about the process of HDR. HDR can create images that are pretty amazing. It can also produce images that are dreadfully awful. HDR…

Bobby © John Neel

Film or Digital – Something crazy to think about!

“There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you…

Cloud - © John Neel

10′ X 10′ — Limitation helps you see the world

  When I teach photography, one of the first assignments that I give my students intentionally restricts their view to a 10 foot X 10 foot area. I learned this…

Street Musicians - © John Neel

To Be… or…Not To Be…like everyone else?

In order to have your work stand out from the rest you need to have something to say, as well as the ability to see. Technique without vision is of little use to anyone.

Cracked – © John Neel

When Gimmicks Kill

Gimmickry is like a mask. It conceals what is underneath. In some cases, the addition of an effect can work to emphasize an idea. In most, it will probably ruin…


The Amazing Beauty of the Color Anaglyph

Anaglyphs are a cool way to look at the world. There was a time, when an anaglyph image was produced with two different black and white images. One was printed…